Getting in a good workout can be hard, especially if you’re running a busy schedule. Knowing how to get a good calorie burn while keeping up with your everyday chores can be the key to maintaining your weight. There are many activities in daily life that consume massive amounts of calories. Here are the top 5 calorie burners.

Grocery Shopping

Loading a cart full of groceries and walking up and down aisles may not seem like a workout to you, but don’t tell your body that. According to How Stuff Works, grocery shopping can burn up to 242 extra calories an hour. That can be about the same as a workout for the same amount of time.
If you want to maximize your grocery shopping trip, you can load up on the heavy stuff first. Things like beverages, dog food, and bulk items are going to weigh a lot. Pushing that extra weight up and down the aisles of your favorite grocery store is going to lead to an increased calorie burn.
Additionally, you can add to this burn by parking your car at the farthest spot in the lot so you are forced to walk to the storefront. Over the long-term, these walks can really add up!


Not everyone enjoys getting out the dust pan and mop to give the house a good scrub down. However, if you’re looking to increase your calorie burn every day you may reconsider. Cleaning, doing various household chores, can burn 204 calories per hour.
Calorie Lab has this as a vigorous effort, so if you’re scrubbing baseboards and breaking a sweat, chances are you’re putting in maximum effort. Now when your friends ask why your house is always so clean, you can give them the low down on maximum calorie burn.

Playing With Kids/Dog

Most of us know how important it is to play in the yard with our children, or animals. However, did you know that this could burn some serious calories?
Vigorously playing with your kids, or Fido, can burn up to an additional 272 calories per hour. Calorie Lab notes that the only periods of time that really count are active periods. So if you’re playing tag or tug of war, don’t count those breaks you take in between bouts of activity.
If you weren’t already doing, it now is the perfect time to get out in the yard and play with those you love. Vigorous games can include tag, tug of war, and anything that involves lots of running! You can be sure that your kids will keep you going for hours on end!

Yard Work

Mowing the yard in the summer is one of the worst chores around. You get hot, sticky, and it’s generally miserable. However, all of that misery may be paying off in the end. Livestrong tells us how mowing, raking, and gardening all burn 300 calories per hour and beyond.
With calorie burns like that, you may be asking your neighbor if you can mow their lawn for them! Not only will your yard look great, but you will also have a great body to show for all that hard work.

Washing The Car

No one likes a dirty car. Dirt on the car not only looks bad but can actually damage the paint job on your vehicle. Not to worry, though, because while you’re out washing the car, you are burning loads of calories too.
Washing the car clocks in at 330 calories per hour according to It turns out that taking that extra time to detail your vehicle may be worth it in the end. Spend those extra few minutes working on that wax for your car and you could see a few notches in your belt slip away.

Now you have a bunch of daily activities that are sure to keep you in shape without you ever having to step foot inside a gym. It is nice to know that some everyday activities are ideal for increasing your daily calorie burn.

What are your favorite ways to burn calories that just so happen to be part of your daily life? Is there something that we missed that you think must be included on the list?