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Posts published in “ALTERNATIVE THERAPY”

20 Alternative Medicine and Natural Ways To Boost Immunity

Alternative medicine can be a great route to pursue when trying to boost immune health. Alternative medicine offers natural, noninvasive approaches to immune health and wellness that often amplify knowledge and education, prevention, and primarily adopting lifestyle changes as a means of influencing physical health.

Homeopathy 101

Like many other natural alternative medicine options, homeopathy is very likely something that you are familiar with. You have heard of it, but you don’t really know what it is, what it does or whether it works or not. Of course, it’s normal for people to treat alternative medicines with a bit of skepticism.

How To Use Holistic Medicine For A Well And Better You

If you are ready to try an innovative approach to your health, one that stops treating symptoms and starts treating you as a person, then holistic medicine may be right for you. Using techniques that address the mental, physical, and emotional needs and issues of a patient, holistic healing is an approach to medicine that many are embracing today.

How The Alkaline Diet Can Help To Heal Your Kidneys

Chronic kidney disease is a perfect example. When you get your diagnosis, you’ll also get a laundry list of foods to avoid. What you often won’t be told is what to eat to heal your kidneys. Contrary to what you’ve probably been told, this is entirely possible with something called the alkaline diet.

The Complete Guide To Adaptogenic Herbs and Supplements

Adaptogens are a wonderful answer to living in today’s stress-filled, hectic world. The constant bombardment on the endocrine system due to stress is creating more health issues than ever before, and besides reducing the presence of stress in your life, you can help your body better deal with the effects of stress by using adaptogenic herbs.