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50 Uncomplicated Chicken Freezer Meals (Perfect Family Recipes)

I am all about simplicity, and thats why I collected this amazing list of 50+ uncomplicated chicken freezer meals, which are simple to prep, simple to freeze, and simple to cook! Almost all these recipes ticks all those boxes. 

Having a stockpile of freezer meals is invaluable especially when you are facing unprecedented times like these when we are locked down due to the corona virus pandemic. 

Most of these chicken freezer meal recipes can be baked in the oven, cooked on the stove top or cooked in a slow cooker or Instant Pot.

If you’re an experienced cook it will be easy to convert these chicken freezer meals to whatever type of cooking method you prefer to use (otherwise just follow the recipes).

Meal planning gets so easy when all you have to do is pull a frozen ready made meal out of the freezer. 

These recipes will keep for two to three months in the freezer. I would suggest thawing overnight in the fridge when you’re ready to enjoy them. 

What's so great about these recipes?

- No fancy ingredients needed. You most likely have what you need on-hand. 

- Cook fresh or freeze. Want to stock your freezer with homemade dinners? Every single one of these recipes can be assembled (raw) in a gallon-sized freezer bag and frozen for upto three months. 

- They're healthy and delicious

The key to freezer cooking is preparation. If you are prepared it can make all the difference in your busy day. 

50 Uncomplicated Chicken Freezer Meals (Perfect Family Recipes) 1

NOTE: Recipes below will require you to mix raw chicken and veggies to freeze. You can be sceptical about this, but after a lot of research let me assure you that it's perfectly safe in the freezer. The USDA food safety and inspection service explains that freezing food inactivates any microbes that are present (such as bacteria, yeasts, and  molds). 

None of the recipes require any cooking ahead of time so you can assemble all of them on a Sunday afternoon and be stocked with healthy meals for weeks and months to come. 

50 Chicken Make Ahead Freezer Meals

1. Apricot Ginger Chicken (Crockpot Freezer Meal) - Six ingredients only! Feel free to substitute ground ginger and garlic powder for fresh and serve with frozen beans or peas. Store in the freezer for up to 3 months.  Get Full Recipe

2. Cool Ranch Chicken Tacos (Crockpot Freezer Meal) - This is a popular recipe because it's simple, flavorful, and works with almost every diet. It's basically chicken breasts cooked with packets of taco seasoning and dry ranch seasoning (store-bought or homemade).  Get Full Recipe

3. Honey Lime Chicken (Crockpot Freezer Meal)  Get Full Recipe

Make Ahead Chicken Freezer Meal

4. Shredded BBQ Chicken (Crockpot Freezer Meal)- Once you try this homemade BBQ sauce, you'll never want to buy the jars again.  Get Full Recipe

5. Buffalo Chicken Sliders (Crockpot Freezer Meal) - Cook for 12 minutes in the Instant Pot (as directed) or in your crockpot for 4-6 hours on low.  Get Full Recipe

6. Salsa Varde Chicken (Crockpot Freezer Meal) - Only five ingredients, including chicken breasts, salsa verde (or regular salsa), corn, black beans, and cream cheese. Serve with rice for a family-friendly dinner.  Get Full Recipe

7. Chicken Tikka Masala (Crockpot Freezer Meal) - Delicious, crockpot chicken tikka masala recipe is made with canned tomato sauce and heavy cream. It's fan-favorite. Get Full Recipe

8. Stuffed Chicken Rolls (Crockpot Freezer Meal) - Just thinking about this dish sparks my appetite. The ham and cheese rolled inside make for a tasty surprise. The chicken rolls are especially nice served over rice or pasta.  Get Full Recipe

Make Ahead Chicken Freezer Meal

9. Freezer Chicken Taquitos Get Full Recipe

10. Easy Chicken Noodle Soup Get Full Recipe

11. Easy Make Ahead Orange Chicken Freezer Meal - This one is just so good. And my kids eat it up too, which makes me one one happy Papa.  Get Full Recipe

12. Freezer Adobo Chicken with Pineapple - Super delicious and a breeze to make. Get Full Recipe

13. Freezer Chicken A La King Recipe (Slow Cooker Recipe)- Creamy, rice mushroom based gravy poured over toasted french bread will make you feel all warm and giddy when eating.  Get Full Recipe

14. Garlic Lime Chicken Salsa Soup (Slow Cooker/Stove Top)  Get Full Recipe

15. Chicken Marsala (Slow Cooker/Skillet) - Chicken Marsala is an easy crock pot chicken freezer meal recipe that is so easy to freeze ahead and even easier to cook in the slow cooker.  Get Full Recipe

16. Chicken and Broccoli Homemade Hot Pockets - These Homemade Hot Pockets are a quick & easy snack. Make a batch in advance, freeze, & enjoy the ease of store-bought without the preservatives!  Get Full Recipe

Make Ahead Chicken Freezer Meal

17. Cranberry Catalina Chicken - Dinner doesn’t get much easier than this simple Cranberry Catalina Chicken freezer meal!! Two minutes to toss it all in a bag and you’re done! Don’t let the ingredients scare you – this is a delightful meal that is a great balance of sweet and savory! Get Full Recipe

18. Chicken Pot Pie - This delicious homemade chicken pot pie is filled with a rich, creamy sauce, tender chicken, crisp veggies, and then topped with a flaky crust. It’s hearty comfort food at it’s best, perfect for any meal. Get Full Recipe

19.  Chicken Quinoa Bowls - Protein, greens and whole grains, this earthy bowl really is a well balanced meal. Just heat it up, and you've got a satisfying lunch or dinner. Get Full Recipe

20. Lemon Garlic Dump Chicken - I know it’s not the most pleasant-sounding name for a dinner entree, but don’t let the name fool you! “Dump chicken” is not only delicious it’s deliciously EASY to make which makes it even more attractive for dinner! Get Full Recipe

21. Bourbon Chicken (Slow Cooker) Get Full Recipe

22. Cracked Out Chicken Tater Tot Casserole - Cracked Out Chicken Tater Tot Casserole – You must make this ASAP! It is crazy good. Chicken, cheddar, bacon, ranch, and tater tots. Get Full Recipe

23. Stir Fry Chicken Freezer Meal - Delicious homemade freezer friendly stir fry takes only minutes to prepare and you'll have it on hand for a busy night. Get Full Recipe

24. Chicken Burritos - This mouthwatering chicken burrito recipe makes enough for two casseroles, so you can enjoy one today and freeze the other for a busy weeknight. Get Full Recipe

Make Ahead Chicken Freezer Meal

25. Chicken and Cheese Noodle Bake - With its creamy spaghetti filling and melted cheese topping, this casserole holds a nice cut and comforts hungry tummies. Get Full Recipe

26. Slow Cooker Black Bean and Corn Salsa Chicken - Get Full Recipe

27. Crispy Cheddar Chicken - Get Full Recipe

28. 20 Minute Tuscan Pasta - Get Full Recipe

29. Chicken Spaghetti - Get Full Recipe

30. Baked Chicken Pesto Alfredo Freezer Meal - Get Full Recipe

31. Honey Sesame Chicken (Slow Cooker) - Get Full Recipe

32. Hearty Jambalaya - meaty and satisfying - Get Full Recipe

Make Ahead Chicken Freezer Meal

33. Chicken Cordon Bleu Bake - Get Full Recipe

34. Asian Chicken Thighs - The thick, tangy sauce makes this dish one of my favorite Asian chicken recipes. Serve the chicken over long grain rice or with ramen noodle slaw. Get Full Recipe

35. BBQ Chicken Sandwiches - Get Full Recipe

36. Chicken Aloha - This chicken is a welcome way to cook a quick, delicious meal. Get Full Recipe

37. Baked Chicken and Egg Rolls - These egg rolls are low in fat but the srispiness from baking will fool you into thinking they were fried.  Get Full Recipe

38. Chicken Florentine Meatballs - Served over squash and a chunky, mushroom-tomato sauce, these tender meatballs are tops when it comes to great flavor. Get Full Recipe

39. Green Chile Chicken Chili -The prep work for this chili is easy thanks to several pantry staples. It's loaded with shredded chicken and beans. The spicy hear can be tamed a bit by cook sour cream. Get Full Recipe

40. Saucy Chicken and Tortellini (Slow Cooker) - Get Full Recipe

41. Freezer-to Oven Chicken Packets - Cooking from sealed packets has become something of a shortcut cliché, and this freezer to oven idea is perfect for supper. - Get Full Recipe

50 Uncomplicated Chicken Freezer Meals (Perfect Family Recipes) 2

42. Cilantro Lime Chicken Freezer Meal - Easy and delicious cilantro lime chicken freezer meal. Make this ahead of time and dump it in the crockpot to have for dinner! Get Full Recipe

43. Oven Baked Chicken Fajitas - This is an easy freezer meal to keep on-hand for busy evenings when you need to get dinner on the table quick. - Get Full Recipe

44. Baked Brown Sugar Garlic Chicken - This baked brown sugar chicken is a simple yet elegant dish you can whip together in under 30 minutes for a fast and delicious weeknight meal! It requires minimal prep and is a fabulous option to keep as a freezer to pull out on busy mights or even for company. - Get Full Recipe

45. Italian BBQ Chicken - Get Full Recipe

46. Slow Cooked Chicken Enchilada Soup - This soup delivers a big bowl of fresh comfort - just as my wife. Toppings like avocado, sour cream and  tortilla strips are a must. - Get Full Recipe

47. Buffalo Chicken Pockets - Here's my idea of pub food made easy: biscuits flavored with buffalo wing sauce and blue cheese. They're my Friday night favorite. Get Full Recipe

48. Potato Chip Chicken Strips - This novel recipe is a fast and tasty change from fried chicken. Get Full Recipe

49. Pesto Chicken Turnovers - When it comes to food, I'm all about anything in a pocket - pita bread, bierocks, empanadas, and more. These Italian-inspired turnovers are great for dinner and even better the next day. Get Full Recipe

50. Chipotle Pulled Chicken - At our house, low-and-slow recipes have to have kid appeal, plus good marks for nutrition. This chipotle chicken wins in both categories. Use leftovers for zippy barbecue pizzas or burritos. Get Full Recipes


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