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Carb cravings are the plague of any good diet. Carbs are the enemy of losing weight, but for some reason, we just can’t get enough of them. We find it a huge struggle to get over the carb cravings that taunt and tempt us in our diets. In this article, we’ll help provide you with a few tips and tricks to get you over those awful carb cravings.

The BIG “Addiction” SECRET About Carb Cravings The Food Industry DOESN’T Want You To Know

One day, you wake up and you just know that if you don’t eat that bag of chips… or piece of toast… or that candy bar, that you simply won’t make it through the day!

6 Best Ways To Get Over Carb Cravings 1

Of course, you know that’s a bit dramatic, but if you’ve craved carbs like me before, you KNOW the intense, unavoidable feeling that you have…

…That voice in your head that says “come on, just one can’t hurt, right?”

It’s almost like it’s a drug addiction! (which is more true than you might realize…more on this later!)

Then you give in, spiral into shame and regret, and then end up in the typical binge/starve vicious cycle — over and over again.

You see — this is VERY common. And this feeling that you have — guess what? It’s not your fault.

The reason this happens is because carbs are addictive.

In fact, according to research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, carbs light up the same addiction centers of the brain as drugs do.

Which means going off of carbs is almost like trying to beat a drug addiction!

Dr. David Ludwig of Harvard Medical School conducted another study where he scanned the brains of 12 men who were given sugar milkshakes to drink…

Surprisingly, The Scans Show That Carbs Activate The Same Areas Of The Brain That Drugs Do!


6 Best Ways To Get Over Carb Cravings 2

Dr. Ludwig reported,

“The scans showed intense activation in brain regions involved in addictive behavior.”

Dr. Laura Schmidt, a professor in the School of Medicine at the University of California San Francisco, comments:

“The argument is, if you have high spikes in blood glucose [caused by the carbs], they’re going to be followed by low dips, which will cause you to crave more.”

As food companies make carbs more refined, men & women become more addicted…

Which is great for them because it stuffs their pockets…

But terrible for the general public because it is destroying our health.

All hope is not lost, however… if you are motivated enough then you can beat carb addiction pretty easily. Here are 6 best ways to start losing your carb dependency (do not skip the last one, it’s the most effective technique)

#1 Stick to your guns

When done correctly, keto is a highly effective diet, but when done incorrectly, it’s a recipe for a hot mess. You need to consume the right foods and the right nutrients to keep your energy up and your body healthy. Despite your cravings, you have to stick with your diet. After you’ve pushed past the hill and reached the top, it’s a lot easier going. If you find yourself craving a whole bunch of carbs, try supplementing your cravings with keto-friendly options. You don’t have to deny yourself your favorite foods, just curb your cravings with the right alternatives. Which helps to bring us to our next point…

#2 Eat what you love

Denying yourself the simple pleasures of consuming your favorite foods is what puts a lot of people over the edge in terms of losing traction in our dieting efforts. When we deny ourselves what we truly, deeply want, we end up going crazy the second we deem it “okay” to consume it again. It’s the same concept as going on a bender.Thanks to keto’s popularity, it’s extremely easy to find delicious, keto-friendly versions of all your favorite foods so you don’t have to deny yourself. This will keep you from feeling the need to binge and ruin all you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

#3 Pay attention

If you’ve started keto already, you’ve already come into contact with sneaky carbs. Sneaky carbs are those ones hidden in foods you’d never think of: ketchup, mustard, certain veggies, etc. Read the labels on your food, use the internet to learn the carb count in the food you’re eating, and don’t forget to take note of and a count of all the carbs you consume.This will help to ensure that you don’t get burned by sneaky carbs, ruining your ketosis. Along these lines, you also have to make sure to eat enough fats and proteins and keep yourself in good health.

#4 Go workout

Believe it or not, doing physical activity can help distract you from your cravings and effectively make them disappear. As your working out, beyond just distracting yourself, you’re staying hydrated by drinking lots of water, working to help keep you full as you go. The physical activity will work off your craving and cause you to crave more sustenance like proteins and healthy fats. This will help you to curb your cravings and stick to your diet because, rather than satisfy these unhealthy cravings, you’ll be switching a gear in your brain to shift them to healthier cravings and satisfy those.

#5 Indulge in healthy snacks

If you can’t workout or shift your brain to stop craving these unhealthy carbs, you can indulge in healthy snacks that may help to curb your cravings. Flavored almonds, cashews, pork rinds, and other keto-friendly snacks are all good to help satiate your hunger and curb your cravings. By filling your cravings with healthy alternatives, you won’t break your keto and you won’t go hungry; it’s the best of both worlds.

#6 Use Self-Hypnosis to End Your Addiction To Sugar and Binge Eating

Well, this is an unorthodox advice but very effective. Self-hypnosis works for anyone trying to break free from unhealthy habits, without putting too much efforts. All you do is just listen to specially designed hypnosis tracks for few minutes daily.

Self-hypnosis works by reprogramming your subconscious mind for cravings and replacing them with positive patterns, they can break the cycle of addiction for good and permanently . 

Detox your subconscious from harmful beliefs and mental habits that lead to addictions.

Below are two recommended Self-Hypnosis tracks designed by renowned clinical hypnotherapist Dr. Steve G. Jones which you can get for yourself. 

These specially designed tracks are infused with Subaudible Soundwave Technology which helps you shift to a lower brainwave state faster than regular guided meditation tracks – this makes it easier to flood the subconscious mind with powerful thoughts and suggestions

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Final thoughts

The keto diet is difficult to start and stick to it, but it’s well worth the effort. The carb craving is hard to get over, but once you get over the hump, it becomes easier. In the meantime, you can compensate with keto-friendly, healthy snacks and distract yourself from your cravings to make it easier. Don’t deny yourself your favorites, rather find keto-friendly substitutes; the internet is a vast and ample resource full of keto-friendly versions of your favorite foods.

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