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  1. We all love carbohydrates; they’re delicious, comforting, and extremely hard to give up. This love of pasta and bread can put many people off giving the amazing new diet fad, Keto, a try. We’re here to help. There are countless foods and recipes available out there to help every carb-lover stick to their keto diet. You simply have to get creative and know where to look. Let’s get started with some helpful tips to keep you from falling off the wagon because of your love for pasta and bread.

1) All or Nothing is a Fallacy

The best part about keto becoming so popular is that you don’t have to approach it with an all-or-nothing-mentality. There are thousands upon thousands of recipes available online so you can still have all your favorite carby foods without breaking keto. Replacing wheat flours with nut flours like almond flour can help you soothe that pizza craving without giving up all the work you’ve done so far.

2) Cauliflower is a Godsend

You’ve likely seen the craze in cauliflower products all over the shelves; replacing bread or pasta in a dish with cauliflower can really help you ease your cravings and stay on keto. You can replace pasta or rice with cauliflower, make “chicken” wings with cauliflower “breaded” in parmesan, and even make incredibly similar versions of mashed potatoes and mac and cheese with cauliflower substituting your carbs.

3) Get Creative with Veggies

You can make bread, crust, and pasta all out of various vegetables like cauliflower (mentioned above) and zucchini. Zucchini and eggplant both lend themselves nicely to dishes like ziti and lasagna, and cauliflower isn’t far behind them. These vegetables act as a blank slate, as they don’t have much flavor, and absorb your sauce in a similar way to pasta.

4) Replacing Tortillas

Tortillas are a big, difficult thing to give up as they have so many uses and so few substitutions. While the first part of that’s true, keto dieters are learning that there are actually quite a few effective substitutions for our beloved tortillas. You can use lettuce to replace the wrap for a sandwich, collards or cabbage work just as well too. You can also make tortilla shells and crackers out of shredded cheese. Get creative!

5) Pancakes Don’t Have to Be Off-Limits

Pancakes are one thing keto-dieters have really prioritized. A simple search on the internet for keto pancakes will produce thousands of recipes using anything from pork rinds to bananas. While not all of these recipes taste exactly like pancakes, there are quite a few that taste extremely similar. Our favorites are those recipes using either bananas or almond flour to duplicate the fluffy deliciousness of traditional pancakes without all the carbs.

6) Take to the Internet

The internet is a wonderful resource for anyone trying to start and stick to a keto diet. Because this diet is enjoying so much popularity, there is a seemingly infinite supply of blogs and research available all over the internet. People have tried, failed, and succeeded at several keto-replacement recipes; there’s no reason for you to have to go it alone.If you’re struggling to stick to your keto diet, rely on the others that have gone before you and save yourself the hassle of making mistakes. So many people have already uncovered the secret keto gems for ingredients and recipes alike; why should you have to struggle when they’re readily available? Don’t miss out on this highly-effective and amazing diet just because of your love affair with pasta and bread. If you want to start and stick to the keto diet, find yourself some healthy, lower-carb bread and pasta replacement recipes, rather than setting yourself up for failure. You can still have things like pancakes, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and even pizza and lasagna, you just have to get creative.

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