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You’ve likely heard of the keto diet by now unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade or so. This diet involves eating very limited carbs and a large number of healthy fats to put  your body into ketosis, making it burn fats instead of sugars resulting in weight loss. While losing the weight is relatively easy when you stick firmly to this diet, keeping it off can be a bit more of a challenge, but not impossible, once you’ve switched back to your normal routines. 

Is it healthy to do Keto longterm?

The first question we need to discuss before we get into how you can keep the weight off with keto is the healthiness of staying on this diet for a longterm period. Keto’s efficiency and the duration you can stay on it is determined on a case-by -case basis. Frankly, we recommend discussing this diet with your doctor before jumping on it, but especially before you stay on it for any sort of prolonged period of time. 

It’s important to note that the keto diet isn’t for everyone. Plenty of people have had huge success on this diet and have been able to keep it up for years consistently, but there’s also plenty of people that couldn’t even make it a month on this diet. You should research and consider the following before starting this diet to determine if it’s a healthy option for you: 

  • How does it change your body composition? 
  • Are your personal needs for vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients met? 
  • How will your overall health and wellbeing be affected?
  • Can you follow the diet for a longterm period? 

If your diet does not meet these four items, it’s not possible to keep it up longterm and might not even be ideal for you to try in the first place. Weight loss is tricky and keeping that weight off is trickier. Any drastic diet change that’s not designed to be kept up large term creates a challenge in keeping that weigh toff once you return to your normal eating habits and routines.

How to keep the weight off after keto

Whether you’re going to keep the diet up longterm or not, you need a game-plan for after you reach your goal weight so that you can stay there. Even the most dedicated of dieters have temptations and those temptations are harder to fight when you’ve reached your goal weight. The following tips and tricks will help you to keep the weight off you lose with keto. 

Rid yourself of temptation

The first tip to avoiding temptation is to keep it away from you. Go to restaurants with healthier options, eliminate the unhealthy foods from your kitchen, and stop tempting yourself when things that are hard but necessary for you to avoid. 

Remind yourself of your reasons

Everyone has a reason for dieting that sparked their commitment in the first place, so it stands to reason that if you remind yourself of that/those reason(s), you’ll be able to power through the temptation and renew your sense of commitment. 

Seek Support

It’s hard to do it on your own. Have someone you love hold you accountable for keeping up with this diet and achieving your desired goals; this will help you ti stay more firmly on it and feel encouraged to keep up your efforts. 

Track Your Progress

The best thing you can do to encourage yourself to stick to your new diet is tracking everything.

Track your weight loss and circumference loss, track the foods and beverages you consume each meal, track the exercise efforts you’re making, just track everything. This will help you ensure you’re making the right decisions for you and staying on track with your diet. 

Sticking to the keto diet and achieving your goals is hard enough, what’s even more challenging is keeping the weight off that you lose. Just like with any diet that requires a huge change in eating habits is hard to maintain. We hope our tips have helped you to keep off. 

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Your Body on Ketogenic Diet

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